Monday, June 4, 2012


Daylight without flash.

Indoor light without flash. The orange isn't nearly as bright in this picture.

This week I wanted to do a fun, sunny manicure inspired by all the great neon colors out there right now. I picked my sunny yellow for the base color, and picked up a couple inexpensive neons for the color spots. Both Sinful Colors and Spoiled by Wet n Wild retail at $1.99, and they often go on sale for $.99.

The yellow is probably not the greatest color for my skin tone, but I like it anyway. I love how bright and fun these colors are, and how casual the lopsided dots are. Excuse my flooded cuticles... I thought I had cleaned up better than this, but it seems to be more noticeable in the pictures. :-/

Designated Driver, Summer Peach, Tip Your Waitress, Snow Me White, Permission to Proceed.

The base color is called "Designated Driver", and it's from the Spoiled by Wet n Wild line, available exclusively (I think) from CVS. The green and pink are also from Spoiled by Wet n Wild. The green is called "Permission to Proceed" and the pink is "Tip Your Waitress". The white and orange are made by Sinful Colors, available at Walgreens. The white is "Snow Me White" and the orange is called "Summer Peach". I think possible both the pink and the orange would have also made great base colors for this manicure.