Monday, May 21, 2012

O.P.I. Just Spotted the Lizard!

Isn't this a gorgeous color? This is "Just Spotted The Lizard" from O.P.I.'s new Amazing Spiderman Collection. Please excuse the paint on my cuticles, as this is before I did my clean up. But really, this applied so nicely that there wasn't a whole lot of clean up to do. It was mainly just that middle nail. Just look at that duochrome, color-shifting yumminess!

As many of you probably know, Just Spotted the Lizard is a dupe for Chanel's "Peridot." I've wanted that color for months, but I can't justify spending Chanel prices, so O.P.I has made me very happy. I've read that there is also a dupe from Jessica Cosmetics, but those aren't sold in my area.

Well, I tried to take my manicure a step further and added some Kiss Nail Art stickers, but I really think I should have left well enough alone. The color was so nice by itself. What do you think?

The top photo was taken in the evening light, and the bottom photo was taken in the morning light, so that's why the coloring appears different in the two photos. This color does different things in different lighting!

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  1. I recently got this color and I just adore it! Even my boyfriend said he almost wanted to paint his nails with it! I love those nail stickers too. Very pretty.