Monday, March 5, 2012


Well, I just did a really quick manicure this week. Both my kids were sick this weekend, and there just wasn't much time to paint my nails. I combined one of my recent purchases with an older glitter I had never gotten around to using. I have a yellow base from Sally Hansen's HD line, called "Hue" with a coat of Bon Bon's long turquoise glitter over it. I couldn't find a name on the Bon Bon's bottle. The Sally Hansen HD line used to be widely available, but I think they are from last season and no longer available in smaller stores. I found mine at Ulta. 

I went to Ulta intending to find a high-end polish that I liked, but I ended up buying two cheaper polishes because I also bought a trial size of some Philosophy's "Hope In A Jar" moisturizer ($15 for the trial/travel size!!) that I've heard such good things about.

I also got a new organizer for my manicure stuff. I had been storing them in a tote for cleaning supplies, but as you can see, my collection was growing too big:

It was important that I get something portable. Sometimes I like to take my stuff to a friend's house for manicure night. I ended up with a Neatnix "toolbox" that I found at Archiver's. It's also available from Amazon. I have plenty of room for more now!

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