Monday, April 2, 2012

Wet n Wild Hallucinate over Savvy Hazelnut

You may have already guessed it before today, but I love glitter. I guess there is still a twelve-year-old girl inside me somewhere. So don't be surprised when most of my manicures are glitterized. (I made that word up, I think.)

Today's base color is pretty tame compared to the teals & turquoises I tend to wear a lot of. It's Savvy "Hazelnut" from Sally Beauty Supply. It's a gorgeous metallic frost. I don't think the photos do it justice. Unfortunately, while I love the color, it dried with lots of air bubbles. That might be my own fault--I have a tendency to apply think coats of polish. Fortunately the glitter top coat camouflages most the air bubbles. It's called "Hallucinate" by Wet n Wild, available nearly everywhere.

Wet n Wild Hallucinate over Savvy Hazelnut

You may have noticed that my fingernails are much shorter this week. The nails on my right hand were splitting and peeling badly, even though I always apply a base coat that's supposed to help that problem. They were getting pretty long and needed trimmed anyway, but I wish I could get them to stop peeling! I'm going to try taking more vitamins.

So, am I going to have a glitter manicure next week? I'm not sure yet, but probably. :)

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